Visual AIDS
One of four co-founders of the New York-based group that organized nationally-and internationally known events and programs designed to focus attention on the AIDS crisis. Among the most wide reaching were the Red Ribbon and Day Without Art, "an international day of mourning and action in response to the AIDS crisis." Visual AIDS was founded in 1989.
TalkBack! A Forum for Critical Discourse
Founding producer and editor of one of the first online journals about online art and cyberculture anywhere. Produced for, and sponsored by, the Lehman College (City University of New York) Art Gallery. 1995-96
LOLA (Lehman OnLine Archives)
Author of this proposal joining the Center for Long Distance Art and Culture and the Lehman College (City University of New York) Art Gallery to create an innovative online archive for archiving and housing digital projects and publishing theoretical works. 1996. Project status: Unfunded
Artery: The AIDS-Arts Forum
Producer and editor of this online journal/forum chronicling and contextualizing the effects of AIDS on the arts and the remarkable AIDS-themed achievements of artists, writers, performers, video- and filmmakers. Produced for, and sponsored by, the Estate Project for Artists With AIDS. 1999-2001
CHASTE (Center for Hybrid Art Science Technology Experimentation)
Developer of a partnership between the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the University Library at Carnegie Mellon University comprising two elements: a physical and online archive of the STUDIOís history, and the organization of a network of institutional presenting partners to produce programming about hybrid art-sci-tech-community collaborations. 1999-2000. Created as a Microsoft Research Fellow at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. Project status: Currently unfunded. Read the proposal.
The Media Channel
Arts editor of this section of the international media watch dog site aimed at cross-over audiences interested in the cultural effects of mass media. My credo: ìArt is another communications medium, part of the ëconsciousness industryí that includes Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the news cartels.î 1999-2001
The Henry McBride Foundation
Co-director of The Henry McBride Foundation dedicated to the twentieth-century history of American modernism, contemporary critical discourses, and the utilization of emerging technologies for the dissemination of criticism. Organized by The McBride Center for Arts Criticism and History, initial projects will take forms ranging from conferences and colloquia to new paradigms of publication and discourse. Underlying all of the Centerís activities is the desire to foster community and collaboration among scholars and critics, institutions and audiences. Project status: Soft-launched in 1999, the Foundation funded a panel on criticism for the 2000 Whitney Biennial, but awaits full funding. Read the mission statement.
911--The September 11 Project: Cultural Intervention in Civic Society
Founder of this response to the World Trade Center attack, the project functions as a communications hub for culture workers of all kinds. It is predicated on the belief that "Art up avenues of expression for discussion of hasty military/political action and the conditions that encourage terrorism, it can offer emotional solace and intellectual engagement, and it can help create a community of concern about issues that extend beyond the mainstream gallery-museum nexus." The Project organized a town hall meeting for 350 at the School of Visual Art on October 1, 2001 and maintains a community-oriented website. Read the mission statement.
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